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Four Oaks (NE) - current status


Four Oaks (NE) - a FREMO americaN module

This is the page about the current status of Four Oaks (NE = Nebraska).

Furter information about Four Oaks:


Cha FO Station Scheme

Layout scheme of Chatteris (NE), and Four Oaks.


Chatteris (NE) and Four Oaks (NE) are designed to be set up combined. But, they can be set up separately if the space, or the layout planning, requires it.

The following photos, and the status of Station scheme, and the station data sheet, are with status of May 2016, when we hat the FREMO americaN meeting in Lauffen 2016, Germany


75 F O Ueb 1


Overview: Four Oaks in front, Chatteris behind


78 F O 7

Freight House of Four Oaks


80 F O 2


Freight House and Team Track


82 F O 4



84 F O 3


Freight House, view from other side