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Chatteris (NE) - current status (en)


Chatteris (NE) - a FREMO americaN module

This is the page about the current status of Chatteris (NE = Nebraska).

Furter information about Chatteris:


Chatteris (NE) is a fictious terminus of a Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (CB&Q) branch line in the prairie.

The design of Chatteris is based on

  • "Charteris, Nebraska, CB&Q: a Stub-End Branchline Terminal on the High Prairie" by Iain Rice, in: Small, Smart & Practical Track Plans, Model Railroader Books, 2000, page 68 to 72
  • Photos of Nebraska
  • the americaN module "Appaloosa Junction" by Bernd Schneider

Significant freight traffic generator of Chatteris is grain. Grain Silo 1 is shipping three cars a day, Grain Silo 2 even four cars at a FREMO americaN meeting. And this limitation is only to balance freight traffic on the layout, even more cars could be realistic at the harvest peak.

Into the prairie, towards Chatteris, cars are coming with agricultural products, machines, building material, coal, oil and lubricants.

Then, there is passenger traffic. And a small freight house for smaller freight.

Another traffic generator is the interchange track, which can bee used

  • for interchange with another railroad,
  • or uses as a track towards another freight shipper, for example another grain elevator, or a stock yard, or both.


Cha FO Station Scheme

Layout scheme of Chatteris (NE), and Four Oaks.


Chatteris (NE) and Four Oaks (NE) are designed to be set up combined. But, they can be set up separately if the space, or the layout planning, requires it.


The following photos, the status of Station scheme, and the station data sheet, are with status of May 2016, at the FREMO americaN meeting in Lauffen 2016, Germany

90 Cha ueb 3 Pers


Train crews discussing switching moves at Chatteris.


Ch FO Cars gr

Weekly Freight Car moves, version BIG (for details: pdf version)

For Chatteris, we habe a BIG and a SMALL version for car movements. The layout planner is deciding what amount of traffic will be best for the layout concept.


Ch FO Cars kl

Weekly Freight Car moves, version SMALL (for details: pdf version)


Let us start the journey to Chatteris (NE) with an overview.

Front: Chatteris, far in the backgrund: Foar Oaks (NE)


01 Cha ueb 9


Chatteris overview. Chatteris Depot in the front.


02 Cha ueb 2


Chatteris Depot in the right corner, Beenman on the right, Grain Elevator II on the left


03 Cha Depot 1


Chatteris Depot


05 Cha Depot 2


07 Cha Busch 4



08 Cha Beenm 6



11 Cha Beenm 5


Beenman on right, Grain Elevator II on left


15 Cha Beenm 1


Beenman at late evenig light


18 Cha Busch 5


Passenger RDC idling in late evenig light


22 Cha Grain 2 8


Grain hoppers at Grain Elevator II



28 Cha Grain 2 2


Grain car inside filling shed at Grain Elevator II, Beenman on left


35 Cha Grain 2 12


Closer view


38 Cha Grain 2 9


Grain Elevator II on the right


40 Cha Grain 2 1


Although Grain Elevator II is the "new one", one can see the yeas which passed by


42 Cha Gras 2


Moving to Grain Elevator I, the "old one", on the right side


44 Cha Grain 1 7


Grain Elevator I, whith she for unloading trucks, but not for loading


46 Cha Grain 1 3



50 Cha Grain 1 6



54 Cha Grain 1 4



60 Cha Int 3


Interchange track on right side

Interchage? Yes, this allowes to move all kind of cars, coming and going to "rest of world"


64 Cha Oil 4


John Winter, merchant of coal, oils and libricants


70 Cha ueb 11


Looking back from the other side: overview of Chatteris


75 F O Ueb 1


Four Oaks in foreground, Chatteris in backgrond

Details of Four Oaks (NE) are here.