americaN FREMO - modular model railroad in N scale

americaN - Lauffen 2016


americaN module layout - Lauffen 2016

The 2016 FREMO americaN Lauffen layout was a huge one, too. The meeting was Mai 05th to 08th, 2015, participants came from Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and South Tirol (Italy).

Stehan an Oliver did a fine job as layout and traffic workload planner. And the result was a good one, thank you.

It was a super meeting, feedback from all participants was excellent.


Layout Lauffen americaN 2016 FREMO


Larger version, as pdf


Oliver proudly presents where to go:


Lauffen 2016 americaN - Layout Overview - FREMO


65 Startbespr


Start of operations: presentation of layout and jobs of this railroad model, the americaN Lauffen 2016


And if you were entering the balcony, you could see the panorama:


04 Pano


click here for Big panorama, Lauffen 2016 americaN FREMO



this job is the same as in reality. What the dispatcher does? He keeps the railroad moving. In a safe way!

Dispatcher, americaN Lauffen 2016 FREMO


Dispatcher Michael.

Note: Dispatcher cannot see anything of the operating session: this is like the prototype!



70 P Cla Disp


well, just normally, he does not. But what happens if thee are some jobs to deliver?


Haslingen Steel Mill


50 Has 1


Haslingen Yard Switcher


70 Has Jan Hag


70 Has Mar Jan Lea


70 Has MiH


70 Has 3



70 P And Hag




2nd Street Branch

70 Jock And Oli



70 Oca Nao Elm


70 Oca Elm


70 Oca Jue Mel


Staging: Rest of World

Railroad cars are moving across the country. Or layout is limited. Therefore, we nee the Rest of World, our staging yards.


70 P Rob




 70 Whi viele


70 Whi Di Jue Pet


and the following photo is just the center of the photo above


70 Whi Di Jue Pet Det


70 Whi Die Pet


70 Whi Jue Pet


Chatteris + Four Oaks

More photos of Chatteris and Four Oaks are at:


70 Cha Oli


70 Cha Per 2


70 Cha Cla


70 Cha Cla 2




70 Eme Sim Dir


70 Eme Oli


Florida Branch (Lenox Ave. + Escondido Row)


70 Flo Elm 2


70 Flo Elm


70 Flo Mi Ste


Helikopter flight over Layout:


Main Line from Centralia to Moonrise Yard


H 01 Cen


left side:

  • the staging yard at the end of the track is Centralia.
  • then: MoPac Bridge (= the green "S")

Whitehall is in the foreground


H 02 Whi




H 03 Whi


H 04 Whi


H 05 Whi


H 06 Whi


H 07 Whi


South King Junction behind Whitehall turntable:

  • to the left: Chatteris Branch
  • strait on: Main Line


I 01


I 02


I 03


To the left into Ocala Yard, the right track is the through track (and to the Ocala passenger station, at the crossing)


I 04




I 05


I 06


Out of Ocala.


I 07


towards Emeryville


I 08


Emeryville. The track to the left leads to 2nd Street Branch


I 09




I 10


Tracks strait on: Main Line

Track on the right: is going down, towards Emeryville commercial district


I 11


entering the Gauntlet Bridge (Gauntlet = 2 parallel tracks without switch, built to minimize cost of the bridge. Have a look at Gauntlet in Wikipedia.)


I 12


the Gauntlet Bridge.


After the bridge, the tracks are diverting:

  • to the left: to Rocky Point Branch
  • strait on: Main Line


I 13


Main Line, out of tunnel, towards Two Trestles


I 14


Two Trestles


I 15


I 16


I 17


Hazeltine Lap Siding


I 18


I 19


towards Haslingen Steel Mill


I 20


I 21


First time at a meeting: the new mock up of the Steel Converter building


I 22


I 23


still Haslingen


I 24


Sabilasville Curve


I 25


I 26


I 27



I 28


still Sabilasville Curve. Moonrise Yard (= staging yard) in background.



Chatteris Branch Line


H 07 Whi


Whitehall Yard is the starting point of Chatteris Branch Line.


CB 001


South King Junction:

  • Main Line to the right,
  • Chatteris Branch Line to the left


CB 01


KT Feldspar


CB 02


CB 03


CB 04


Colorado Cement


CB 05


Footless Wood


CB 06


Sand Pit Junction


CB 07


Four Oaks, with Chatteris behind.


CB 08




CB 09


Chatteris, view from End of Branch



Emeryville Commercial Area


E 01


Emeryville Commercial Area, with connecting track to Emeryville Interchange in front


E 02


E 03


E 04


E 05


2nd Street Branch


E 10


At Emeryville Junction, the 2nd Street Branch has its connection to Rest of World


E 11


2nd Street



E 12b


2nd Street, view from other side


E 13


2nd Street Crossing (foreground) viewed from 90 degrees, , with Clausen Storage behind


E 14


Clausen Storage


E 15


Cars are crossing at Clausen Storage, then to the left: Calahan Paper and Jock'n Meldrum


E 16


Jock'n Meldrum, from other side


E 17


Overview: 2nd Street Branch



Rocky Point Branch


R 01


At Emeryville, the train has to take the left track to move on the left side over Gauntlet Bridge, and then into the left tunnel.


R 02


Out of tunnel and towards Boonford Interchange



R 03


Boonford Interchange


R 04


R 05


Rocky Point


R 06


Rocky Point, Interchange Track in front


R 07


Rocky Point passenger station


R 08




R 09


Perish Hill


R 10


Sarah Creek, staging yard



Ocala Branch Line


O 01


At Ocala, the cars for Ocala Branch Line are classified, and maybe stored


O 02


O 03


Main Line in foreground, with Ocala passenger station


O 04


O 05


O 06


O 07



Florida Branch


F 01


At Whitehall, Florida Branch begins


F 02


F 03


Climate changes: a little bit warmer


F 04


and a look a little bit closer: tree, not rattle snake


F 05


Property for sale, someone interested?


F 06


Begin of Escondido Row


F 07


F 08


F 09


F 10


F 12


F 13


F 14


F 15


F 16


F 17


End of Lenox Ave




99 Crew


Happy people:
from left, behind modules: Peter, Bernd, Jürgen, Per-Olov, Dirk, Melinda, Elmar, Hagen, Alexander, Claus, Dieter, Stephan, Marc, Simone, Michael P., Wilfried, Naomi, Andreas, Michael H., Oliver and Jan.
in front of modules: Manuel, Jan, Imelda and Leander

Photo und (c) 2016: Bernd Schneider; published with permission



to be continued