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americaN - Lauffen 2013 - Videos


americaN module layout - Lauffen 2013

At the Lauffen meeting May 09 to 12 2013, FREMO americaN operated one of the biggest layouts so far.

The text and photo page is there.
This is the video page:


Santa Fe steel train behind camera car, from Yard Extension to Parkwater Yard
Engineer View, from Erehwyna Yard to Watkins
Engineer View, Industry District,
from Yard Extension through the Industry District to Brewery
In the Brewery Module, built by Elmar Manfroid
Branch Line, from Luketown via Fremont Branch and Appaloosa Junction to Jock & Meldrum, and back
Main Line, from Yard Extension via Luketown and Haslingen Steel to Moonrise Yard
Main Line, from Moonrise Yard via Haslingen Steel to Luketown
Main Line, from Hope Mills Engine Service via Haslingen Steel to Sarah Creek Yard, and back
Train #806, operated by Clinch River Railroad, from Parkwater Yard via Watkins,  Yard Extension and crossing 2nd Street to Luketown.
Train #806, operated by Clinch River Railroad, is switching in Fremont Branch.
15 min, live recording, without any cutting, original sound.
  • UP passenger train from Fremont Branch via Haslingen Steel to Moonrise Yard.
  • Santa Fe passenger  from Haslingen Steel via Yard Extension to Erehwyna Yard
Bottle Car Train with liquid iron arriving at Haslingen Steel.