americaN FREMO - modular model railroad in N scale

americaN - modelrailroading and operation


american modelrailroading and operation in N scale


North American railroad operation in N scale (1/160) is part of the FREMO since 2003. Many aspects of our modular system americaN have been adapted from proven FREMO systems: a largely freeform module geometry, a railhead height of 1300mm (51 inches), connecting modules without transition track and use of NMRA-DCC and Loconet. There is no compatibility with the modular systems NTRAK, oNeTRAK or free-moN.

To this day americaN modules were built in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy. Regional centers of gravity with several active module builders are Jönköping, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich. You can contact us via email or participate in our YGroup.

The americaN standard has no restrictions regarding the prototype or the era. At our meetings we normally use rolling stock from a specific era. If we have enough modules and rolling stock it may be possible to build layouts with a more specific geographical focus and matching railroad companies in the future.


Text used with permission, Author: Bernd Schneider