More North American Model Railroads which influenced me

SP Siskiyou Line, by Joe Fugate

Siskiyou Line by Joe Fugate

Joe Fugate is building and operating an HO scale model railroad of the Southern Pacific's Siskiyou Line as it existed in the 1980s.

Details of his major yard "Roseburg" you can find here.

If you want to see, hear and understand

  • operating session
  • with Track Warrant Control and
  • work of a yardmaster

I recommend to study both the DVDs

  • "Op Session Live Vol. 1" of Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line
  • "Op Session Live Vol. 2" of Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line

And to see what this layout is all about, look at the DVDs "Joe Fugate's Siskiyou Line"

  • Volume 1: Modeling a Prototype (from prototype to model)
  • Volume 2: Design and Construction (including the set up of a mushroom design)

My comment: if you are interested in operating a model railroad prototypically, I highly recommend these DVDs and a look at his website