Temporary Layouts at FREMO Module Meetings / other than americaN

americaN module layout - Zuidbroek 2010


americaN module meeting October 2010

FREMO - Meeting in Zuidbroek, Nederland

It was a huge meeting. In two halls:

In the first hall, there were layouts of HO-Europe, with HOe and HOm. I heard the rumor that this was 1.200m of layout(?) Operators and modules came from Nederland, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Chech Republik, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, maybe more.

In the second hall, there were

  • americaN (see below)
  • 3 US Divisions including Chicago, the entral meeting point
  • gauge 1 (yes: very large, and impressive)
  • gauge 0m (with some 0)


This is the layout plan of the large americaN - module setup:



To get an impression how it looked like, have a look at the videos:

Video 1: Passenger Train (Part 1) from Sarah Creek Yard (on the upper right on the track plan) to 2nd Street (Crossing at the track plan)


Video 2: Passenger Train (Part 2) from 2nd Street (Crossing at the track plan) to Erehwyna Yard (the gray station on the upper left).


Video 3: Branch Line. Train from Yard Extension via Trunklaid Valley to Fremont Branch 


Video 4: Train Crew is switching at Appaloosa Junction


Video 5: Dispatching: Train #86 gets a Track Warrant at Yard Extension