Design und Betrieb / Design and Operation

Minimalistic Approach


Minimalistic Approach


Railroad models can be designed to fulfill special needs. Therefore, some designs have an approach which is "special", is optimized in the way the designer or owner of the layout wants.

In this web page, I want to give some information to the "Minimalistic Approach".

Collection of articles:

  • David Barrow: A domino industrial railroad; Model Railroad Planning 2004, p. 20 - 25.  
  • Davis Barrow: From model railroad to railroad model; Model Railroad Planning 2006, p. 56 - 61. (Dominos, plain surface on dominoes, plain track out of the box, no landscape, industrial switching in huge room (30" x 36")
  • Riley Triggs, former Editor of the LDJ = Layout Design Journal of the Layout Design Special Interest Group (= LDSIG), shows how to model a complete Class 1 US-Railroad. Have a look at this video. Riley explains in his YouTube text of March 26, 2011: A condensed version of presentation given at the Tulsa LDSIG/OpSIG Weekend March 2011. It introduces the Dynamo, a DYNamic Abstracted MOdule based on the operations of a railroad, not the physical characteristics. They are standardized so they can be rearranged between operating sessions to model a much longer railroad than your room would normally be able to hold.



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