Operation: Railroad Model (english)

Prototypical Operation of a model rr: what is it?

"Prototypical Operation" of a model railroad: how to explain it to outsiders?

How do you explain "realistic operations" to someone who is not in the hobby?

Linda Sand has been in model railroading for a long time, and she been writing about it in the commercial press and in the magazines of the Special Interest Groups.

Since summer 2008, she and her husband Dave changed their way of living. Now, they are living full time in a motorhome, at the moment in a 34 foot Winnebago. Yes, this is living full time in a moving home, and move they do. You can take part in their journey by reading their blog.

To explain it to people not in the hobby, Linda wrote her blog of July 10th, 2010: "Model Railroad Operations". Have a look at it, especially if you have to convince someone that you are in the right hobby.

If you want to read about industrial railroad models, and the operations of these, have a look at the website of Linda and Dave Sand:

  • WebSite of Dave and Linda Sand
  • Site of Cedar River Terminal, an industrial model railroad which was published in Layout Design Journal LDJ-26, spring 2001. This article, and articles of Linda Sand in "Model Railroad Planning", had a significant impact on model railroaders in Germany, especially in the americaN FREMO group. At the moment we have the first modules with industrial themes, and we even have subgroups by now which call their standard "NAI", what means North American Industries modules.